THE Great Lake (2017)

The Great Lake (2017)
  1. When we Sleep
  2. The Scrape
  3. Our Life in Dots
  4. And the You Inbetween the Space
  5. So It Goes

James Mabbett: Guitar, Vocals, Synths, Soundscapes, Drones, Trumpet (track iii), Hammond Organ (track v)
Nestor Matthews: Drums
Jon Leaman: Guitar
Bob McDougall: Bass
Oli Bentley: Saxophone

Joes Midden: Harmony Vocals (Tracks i/iii/iv/v)
Tom Rogerson: Piano (Tracks iii/iv)

Neil Walsh: Vioal (Tracks i/iv)
Susie Gillis: Violin (Tracks i/iv)
Jasmine Neale: Cello (Tracks i/iv)

Recorded at Greenmout Studios by Jamie Lockhart and Lee Smith.
Strings and additional drones recorded by James Mabbett at Dreamtrak and at home.
Mixed by Lee Smith, Jamie Lockhart and James Mabbett. Mastered by Tom Woodhead at Hippocratic Mastering.

Origional cover art by Freya Stockford.
Sleeve design by Split.

Released by Hatch Records.


Christiania (2010)
  1. The Unknown Unknown
  2. Leaving Copenhagen
  3. The Hardline Optimist
  4. This Town
  5. That Town
  6. Guys Just Wanna Have Sun
  7. Rough Music
  8. I Try
  9. MTFU

Written, recorded and produced by James Mabbett
Nestor Matthews: Percussion (Tracks ii/viii), Backing Vocals and Clapping (Track V)
Katie Harkin: Backing Vocals and Clapping (Track v), Guitar (Track viii)
Alex Wilson: Backing Vocals and Clapping (Track V)
Seb Reynolds: Saxophone (Tracks v/viii)
Oli Horton: Sub Bass (Track vii)

Mixed by Oli Horton at Dreamtrak, Guest Mixer James Kenosha, Photography Bob Tayor, Artwork John Rogers.

Realeased by Brainlove Records


Hideki Yukawa (2009)
  1. Zebra
  2. The Strong Nuclear Force
  3. This Haircut Generation
  4. Your God
  5. The Down Strole
  6. The Sky is Too High
  7. See Life

All songs performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by James Mabbett.

Released by Brainlove Records.

IN DEBT TO: (2007)

In Debt To: (2007)
  1. Introduction to A
  2. This is My Call to Arms
  3. Defribillator
  4. The Conformist Takes It All
  5. Guys in Bands
  6. Anti-Patria
  7. Hit Schmooze for Me
  8. Introduction to B
  9. Kate’s Song
  10. What We Have Hear Is Ending
  11. The Casual Terrorist Vs. The International Board or Wishing
  12. My Superiority Complex
  13. One Song Before Bead to Three Four

All songs written, performed, produced and mixed by James Mabbett.
Mastered by Jamie Lockhart at Greenmount Studios.

Released by Brainlove Records.

EP2 (2005)

EP2 (2005)
  1. Defibrillator
  2. The Casual Terrorist
  3. Guys in Bands
  4. In Business We Are Resigned

All songs written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by James Mabbett.

Released by Brainove Records.

EP1 (2005)

EP1 (2005)
  1. Anti Patria
  2. Celebrity Standups
  3. No Science
  4. You Destroy Music

All songs written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by James Mabbett.

Released by Dance to The Radio.