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Virtual House Gig #2

Music:Leeds presents Virtual House Gig #2, a live streaming show featuring artists selected from the first wave of Music:Leeds Launchpad callout 2020.

This gig is free to attend but if you have a bit of spare cash, why not donate the price of a pint to the artists. Donate here and support local music:

  1. Watch the main stream on either-
    Or Facebook:
  2. You will need TWO EXTRA phones/laptops or tablets OR you need to open an extra tab on your browser (see below)*.
  3. On your extra phones/tablets/laptops open this page.
  4. There are two Twitch streams embedded below.
  5. Start Stream 1 on one phone/tablet/laptop.
  6. Start Stream 2 on the other.
  7. If you have bluetooth speakers, connect them up!
*DON’T WORRY! If you don’t have extra phones/tablets or laptops simply open an extra tab in your browser, head to this page, start both streams and watch on Facebook or YouTube.

Stream 1

Stream 2