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Live from home #1

1 May 2020 for Music:Leeds

This performance was streamed from Studio Napoleon iiird, in surround sound via three simultaneous feeds.

One on Facebook and YouTube with video and sound and two further, audio-only streams on Twitch.

Viewers were asked to head to this site on any extra phones, laptops or tablets they had around the house and follow the instructions.

This is video features a mix of original streamed feed, and the two extra channels originally streamed on Twitch.

Live from home #2

Napoleon iiird — Live From Home #2
Friday 15th May – 8pm BST

Thank you for watching! The footage from the main stream can be viewed below, enjoy……..


Head over to this page before the gig and you will be able to stream extra audio simultaneously on any other smartphones, laptops or tablets you have around the house, and experience this Napoleon iiird show in glorious lo-fi, hi-tech, suround sound.

  1. Watch the main stream below or via –
    Youtube: https://youtube.com/watch?v=eFXe3jkSvUs 
  2. You will need TWO EXTRA phones/laptops or tablets OR you need to open an extra tab on your browser (see below)*.
  3. On your extra phones/tablets/laptops open this page.
  4. There are two Twitch streams embedded below.
  5. Start Stream 1 on one phone/tablet/laptop.
  6. Start Stream 2 on the other.
  7. If you have bluetooth speakers, connect them up!
*DON’T WORRY! If you don’t have extra phones/tablets or laptops simply open an extra tab in your browser, head to this page, start both streams and watch on Facebook or YouTube.